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    “Cuisine is a living kind of thing, not static, it’s a craftsmanship”
    – Ivan Beacco

    Ivan Beacco, the Executive Chef at Acqua at Peck Slip Restaurant, joined our team in 2012. He immediately wowed our patrons with his skills and creativity. Our Chef personally selects only the best local and artisanal Italian ingredients for his daily culinary masterpieces.

    When Ivan was 22 years old his desire of expanding his culinary horizons brought him to the Mecca of restaurant world, New York City. In little more than two years he’s been featured in the New York Times and made his first appearance within the Michelin guide.

    In 2011 Ivan Beacco became a certified Master Chef in Italian Cuisine with the recognition bestowed by Academia Barilla to a few hundred chefs around the world.

    Ivan also is a member of the GVCI, the Virtual Group of Italian Chefs, a fast growing organization of professional chefs which is dedicated to establishing the genuine and original Italian cuisine around the world.

    Acqua’s customers often praise Ivan Beacco’s ability to integrate traditional and modern Italian cooking techniques. They enjoy Beacco’s creative approach to surprise any food connoisseur with his famous daily Specials.

    Besides being a Chef, Ivan Beacco is a loving husband and father.